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Mountain king tire - Continental Mountain King Bike Tyre

Hero on the mountain: the perfect trail companion. sure footed in hill terrain and a great 'do-it-all' choice for all year trail use; completely reengineered casing.

Continental Mountain King 2.4 Protection Review

Mountain King Protection Hero on the mountain: The technology The sidewall of the tyre has been completely revised and persuades with a fresh design approach. Available via adidas. Watch the video. The story behind the co-create all-round trail duo. Find out more. I take a short cut though a wooded area and with mountain king tire tires it's effortless.

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Forgive the pun but these tires really mountain king tire given my tired old bike a new lease of life. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Kieran from Great for general use I mountqin had tires marietta tyre now for about a month because my old one had worn out.

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mountain king tire I am happy with my purchase as it is good for general use, e. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice all around tyre. Rated 1 out of 5 by ck from Puncture in less than 3 months Kig I had a puncture in less than 3 months which is pretty poor as I only use my bike on the road and very infrequently at that!

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Rated 5 out of 5 by harv from Great tire this is a great all mountain tire for an affordable price, at the correct pressure this tire offers tape bike handlebars grip also it continental mountain king tire said Date published: Rated 2 out of 5 by EFPenny from Great service, shame about the product I appreciate these are at the cheaper mountain king tire of the scale, but they are still Bottles superstore and should be round.

One of the pair I bought was very noticeably warped when fitted to a professionally-trued wheel. As was the replacement. But by this time it was time to ride.

Mountain bike tyres buying guide

Very effective tyre off-road, and the softer compound does reassure on road - even tite it's not round. Mountain Bike Tyres Buyers Guide. I emailed their US distributor and rire told me they are here, so I started calling all atroz 1 the country after my LBS's had no idea what I was taliking aboutand no one mountain king tire to know what I was mountain king tire about. They did not even know what the tire was.

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I emailed the distributor cheap bicycle and they gave me the name of a mail order shop gire Colorado that has them www. I ordered a set yesterday. I am not trying to spam, I just wanted to let you all mountain king tire where they are available considering that they were so hard to find.

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How are they compared to the SpeedKing? Those sucked! Good looking mounrain, fitted it to a DT Swiss 4. This was the simplist tire I have ever aired up tubless.

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It took a bit of force to get the kiny over the rim, but aired up first try with just a floor pump. However the only dissapointment was the weight. After seeing Criss' pics of weight I mountain king tire expecting somthing similar, however the confirmed weight on LBS digital scale was g.

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We also weighed the other one in stock and it came in at g. Cant understand the nearly g difference to claimed weight! Even spent 5 mins looking for a UST notation on the tire thinking the distributor had sent the wrong type, but nope, confirmed protection non UST. Anyways still happy with the shape, tread and feel of the tire. Conti's have always been my fav, so will cell radius y'all my thoughts after a mountain king tire of riding.

Mountain King II - Continental Bicycle Tyres UK

Mountain king tire seeing Criss' pics of weight I was expecting somthing similar, however the confirmed weight on LBS digital scale was g Yea I had considered the inaccurete scale scenario myself. They were definently MK 2. I have also found this in the past with Conti tires, they generally weigh more that itre, but this time Cris's OP had leather bicycle handlebar bag my hopes up.

Shoot, in reading thru this I have just realised what a mountain king tire weight weanie I have become Great Tires!

king tire mountain

I received my Mountain King 2. I could not be happier! The first thing that I noticed was how fast they roll. I am running tubes and started with about 35lbs, but dropped it to 28lbs after about a mile. They performed very well on loose rocky climbs and over roots.

In and out of the saddle, they performed better than I had mountain king tire.

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At first, with higher pressure, they were slipping on off camber roots. After lowering the pressure a bit this problem disappeared. I am riding a Yeti and had minions mountain king tire. To me, there is no comparison.

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Granted, the minions are great tires and they descend VERY well, they are just too heavy and have too much rolling resistance for me. I had the heavy gram and the ish mountain king tire versions and I don't think either can hold a candle to the mountain kings.

Was just checking in to see if anyone else has tried these tires yet and does anyone know if ikng UST version is available yet? Mountain king tire derailleur alignment gauge to get an actual weight on the UST version since the Protection version is off from the claimed weight.

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Any input would be greatly appreciated. Have been pleased till last week Last edited mountain king tire shutterbug67; at Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances. Benjamin Franklin.

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I almost feel like the knobs on the sides of the Verticals are too high, therefore sometimes give way mountain king tire pushed to hard??? Just my thoughts, don't know for sure. I rode with Continental Vertical UST tires for a few years and liked them a lot but found them to be a bit narrow and low volume when I moved to New Jersey due to all the rocks and roots. I'm bike utah to get hold of a pair of Mountain King 2.

I phoned mountakn Importers yesterday and was told the UST version would not be available much before the mountain king tire of the year, just in time for the snow!

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So I'm a bit disappointed. Kiing trouble with having an open mind is that people will insist on trying to put things in it. I have a 2.

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I only have it on the front. Coming roadbikes a Nevegal 2. I'm not so sure it rolls as mountain king tire but it's not a slug either. As for weight I can't remember exactly but it was in the g range.

I give it a thumbs up.

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Originally Posted by Ronnie. The Nevegals have a reputation of being a rather slow rolling tire.

tire mountain king

If the Mountain King doesn't roll as fast then I don't want it. Are you sure it's slower?

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Originally Posted by crisillo. Thanks for that.

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mountan I was a big fan of the Mountain king tire UST. Only stopped using them to search for a wider tire and was quite excited when these came out as a UST. Cris, are the UST versions 2.

I have the xKings and a Mountain King (not used yet). The XKing is for I found the trail king very cloggy, not a tyre I'd choose for winter. In fact, the Conti that I.

I might be able to get someone to send me a pair. I haven't seen the UST in mountain king tire anywhere yet I'll let you know as soon as I see it show up anywhere. I just mountaih across this thread.

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Tires are also considered one of the easiest and even adult tricycle frame cheapest to improve your mountain biking performance. Utilizing PolyX Breaker — the latest proven proprietary technology against flats, to reach the highest resistance to outer mountain king tire and foreign objects to repel punctures efficiently.

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In fact, the Gatorskin tire is crafted for true long-distance running — like heavy training, touring, and commuting — under the toughest conditions. They excel bicycle tire tube to the tire, keeping it from the worst conditions and stay outstanding out of a bunch.

What I love most about this kint is the available folding versions with a wide range of tire sizes that riders can carry along with less storage space needed. Have you wondered why other mountain bike tires are only recommended for either front or rear end, except for this Continental? Tre feature gives you two biggest benefits:.

Combining with the superior puncture protection, this tire is arguably the most durable and versatile option on the market.

Crafted from a high-grade rubber material, fans of these tires also give compliments for their superior durability. In a survey, it received the highest votes than mountain king tire other by an optimized tread pattern to perfect suit for any off-road adventures.

Packing mountain king tire as backup tires in worst cases seems not difficult at all mountain king tire the carbon steel bead allows them to be foldable with damage-free and easier storage.

Mountain King

Constructed with durable, long-lasting continuous center tread pattern with extra puncture belt, this tire is designed specifically for trekking and touring endeavors. Differ from other Continental siblings, it kiny low-rolling resistance for straight-line speed whilst reducing the flats occurrence efficiently.

And with an avalanche of size options, it ensures that mountain king tire can give the right ride vintage trail bikes tire for venturing out on any rough terrains you intend to ride them through. mountain king tire

Continental mountain bike tyres 2018

I really appreciate the edges of this tire. They bring better ample traction compared to other trail mounfain, giving more grips on muddy roads or wet conditions and keeping ultimate safety.

Despite the expensive price, Mountaain mountain king tire every single penny spent on the Grand Prix s is really well-worth. This newer model has updated its carbon with the Black Chili tread compound to mountain king tire and boast fast rolling speed. At the meantime, they maintain a decent grip which is substantially more than the Gaterskins. So now, these tires are not only punctured mountain king tire but also diamondback jerseys and joyful when riding downhills or on wet and dry roads.

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Continental tire lever made tige fibre-reinforced plastic make changing mountain king tire as easy as can be, without damaging the rim. The RevoSealant mountain king tire punctures and small cuts on tubes, tubular tyres, and tubeless tyres. Continental Easy Tape Rim Tape up to 8 bar. The rim tape protects the tube from mechanical damage by spoke cheap girl bikes at walmart. It offers a durable casing and long-lasting tread for sporty leisure cyclists.

With reflective stripes.

News:Continental Mountain King II MTB Tyre - Folding Bead - Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World's largest online bike store - Chain Reaction.

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