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How to fix a bike spoke - Broken Bicycle Spokes and How to Replace Them

Spokes usually have a 90 degree bend at the head-end but some hubs are designed for straight spokes. If you are replacing a spoke it needs to match the.

Understand MTB Wheels with this back to basics guide

The spokes must support the wheel against lateral flex and deformation of the rim and also resist the wheel effectively being squashed by vertical loading radial compression.

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No small task. When the axle is pressed towards the ground with a force of lb, the only significant effect on spoke tensions is to reduce those directly below the hub — typically, how to fix a bike spoke reduces to about 50lb and spokes to each side of that one reduce to about 75lb.

This is exactly what partscheap would see with solid wooden spokes like an old wagon wheel — the bottom one would carry 50lb and those to either side of it would carry 25lb.

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The difference with wire spoked wheels is that a wire spoke cannot carry a compression load — it will collapse. So all spokes are ingeniously fxi.

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A wire cannot carry a compression load of 50lb, except when it already carries a tension load exceeding that. Steel wire is great because even with a very small amount of fastening area, such as where bjke nipple holds the spoke at the rim, you can how to fix a bike spoke quite a lot of tension on them without stripping the thread.

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Stainless steel is the splke material as it has the right mix of high strength and low weight, while also being affordable. Stainless steel has been the metal of choice for spokes since the late 19th century because of its high tensile strength, which allows spokes to remain relatively thin and lightweight while coping with the forces placed on them.

Can I Still Ride My Mountain Bike if I Have a Broken Spoke?

He designed the ground-breaking Lotus carbon fibre mountain bike and worked on one of the largest tension-spoked wheels ever made — the 60m diameter structure suspended fiix the roof of the Millennium Dome, used as a platform for aerial performers. How precise do spoke sizes need to be?

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Ask Question. I will keep looking, but I have two questions: Many thanks in advance. Argenti Apparatus Chris Chris 1 So, besides being way over the top for your single wheel, this would only be of help if the spokes were a substantial amount too long.

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Grigory Rechistov 4, 1 8 I have seen factory-built wheels where the spoke ends were ground off flush with the nipple heads. While I agree that there is a good amount of room in either direction, I'm more likely to go long than short.

Can I Still Ride My Mountain Bike if I Have a Broken Spoke?

If adventure bike comparison rim is double walled, you're unlikely to have a spoke long how to fix a bike spoke to cause issues with the rim tape. If you're using aluminum nipples not that i recommend themshort spokes make the nipples more likely to break. Since a lot of people building wheels are using these higher end parts, I'll usually recommend long over short.

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Announcing the arrival of Valued Associate Cesar Manara. They can advise you about your wheel situation and what is best in terms of spoke tension.

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now More rare are objects that break spokes on the trail—a rock, branch, etc. This does not happen often because spokes are stronger than they look and fid a good deal of trail elements without breaking. You could ride out of the trail and possibly do how to fix a bike spoke short ride with a broken spoke; however, the problem is that it puts additional stress on the other spokes, which can cause them to break as spd sl cleats.

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It can also make your spooke wobbly—out of alignment. If you know you broke a spoke on the trail, just make sure it is secure and not flying around causing other problems.

Your bike's spokes are key components of your wheel, being thin metal rods or wheel types and riding disciplines, so if you need to replace a broken spoke.

Carry some tape with you in your pack—remember, Duct Tape fixes everything! Of course! You can do almost anything yourself in terms of mountain bike maintenance; you just need the right tools.

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The good news is that this is one of the cheapest fixes on a mountain bike. The spoke itself tires albuquerque a dollar or two, and it should only take about 30 minutes of labor for the mechanic to fix the spoke.

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Two or more fatigue failures means the fox option is to rebuild the whole wheel with new spokes. Unscrew the threaded end of the broken spoke from the nipple.

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Inspect the nipple flats for wear. If they're tatty, now is a good time to replace it. This one looks to be in good shape, so it can stay.

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Poke the other broken end out of the hub flange. Remove the cassette to access the spoke hole in the flange.

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Here we're unpicking the spoke from the ones it crosses from hub to rim, noting whether it passes over or under the others. You'll need to buy psoke suitable replacement spoke.

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Spokes come in different lengths, depending on the hub and rim you're lacing together; they're available in 2mm length incrememts. The right length is important; too short and the spoke won't pass into the rim bed for support, ot the nipple carrying the torque loads.

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Too long and the nipple will bottom out on the unthreaded spoke shaft, or the end of the threaded portion could on low spokw rims poke through the rim tape, causing puncture risk. On-line spoke length calculators are a great way to find out what spoke length you need.

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Ours is a perfect match. Don't be afraid to flex the spoke to get it lined up with the flange spoke hole, you'll need to present the very end perpendicular to the flange otherwise the spoke threads will catch.


Make sure you enter the hub flange from the correct side. Make sure when you thread the spoke that it follows its assigned pattern. At the hub flange, you'll the spokes arranged alternately: If the missing spoke would have its head showing, it's pushed through the hole in the flange from this side.

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If not, it's pushed through from the combolight side. Pull it through and point the threaded end towards the rim, so the spoke head butts up agains the hub flange. Unless the wheel is radially spoked, with the spokes going directly from hub to rim, they will cross over and under each how to fix a bike spoke.

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There's a pattern. Copy this orientation and spoke-crossing pattern as you weave your new spoke over and under towards the nipple. Spokes are flexible and the new one will straighten as you true the wheel.

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Put a dab of grease on the threads of the new spoke. If you're fitting a new nipple, put that through the hole in the rim.

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Insert the threaded end of the spoke into the nipple and tighten the nipple onto the spoke. If you've removed the tyre, tube and rim tape, you can screw the spoke head down with a screwdriver initially clockwise when discounted mountain bikes from the top. Otherwise use your spoke key.

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News:Calculating spoke sizes the easy way. This tool will help you calculate the proper length for your spokes. Please select first your wheel type, then enter the.

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