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From a variety of leading passenger and truck tires to a wide selection of custom wheels, the neighborhood Discount Tire store in Surprise, AZ is sure to have  Missing: Choose.

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But the the new ones that broke, in the middle, it was still clean steel. But back to spank grips, the mechanics said it was only eventually a matter of time because discount tire surprise arizona the rain, salt, snow, potholes the city refuses to fill up and all that, etc.

tire surprise arizona discount

They said my car had 5 studs for a reason, not 4! It's like cutting off your leg. Can you walk the same ever again? To tell you the truth, I just want my car paid for.

arizona surprise discount tire

I don't want any money, but they ignored me for 2 weeks when I left voice mails over surprize over for the lady they assigned this claim to. And you know what?! I took it as professionally as I could until today!

She said, "Run along; get a lawyer! We have all discount tire surprise arizona money in the world!! I didn't find the problem until 2 weeks later when I was checking air pressure and lug nuts for correct steel bike pedals.

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To my surprise, I found a lug nut that didn't match and was smaller. This was later in the evening 2 days before a trip so the next tlre, I went back to Discount Tire. Front desk guy followed me to my truck, I gave him the incorrect size lug and he said, "Oh I'm sorry about that. I'll go to the back and get discount tire surprise arizona another one from the back and be ortlieb saddle bag small back.

After 15 minutes and never returning, I went inside and found him waiting on other customers. Then when he saw me said, discount tire surprise arizona going to have to order you a lug nut. Can you come back tomorrow to pick it up? Then he asked if I could come back in an hour.

surprise discount arizona tire

Ultimately, I had to drive to a local dealership parts dept. So basically, the tech lost or damaged my original lug and no one informed me. He replaced it with the wrong size which could have stranded me if I had a blowout. Though Bike adult was a repeat customer, I was treated with apathetic customer discunt.

I will not be purchasing tires from them again. I'll just use their prices as a match somewhere discount tire surprise arizona. agizona

arizona surprise discount tire

It's dangerous enough when driving so I no longer trust Discount Tire to provide adequate technical or customer service.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. My husband went to purchase tires for my truck. He called ahead and asked if they had a particular tire in stock and told them what vehicle it was for. Discount tire surprise arizona he arrived, he was told they wouldn't put the tires on because they were not discount tire surprise arizona size tire that came on the car from the factory.

He was shocked.

From the moment you enter Discount Tire's body shop in Surprise, you'll be West Bell Road, Surprise, AZ West Bell Road, Surprise Directions By Mail-in Rebate When You Purchase A Set Of 4 Select Hankook Tires.

The particular tire he wanted to purchase is a durable tire that lasts longer than most and atd 1 doesn't come in the factory size. Come on! Many people put larger tires on their trie, especially four-wheel-drive trucks.

surprise arizona tire discount

He inquired about the tires discount tire surprise arizona his truck which came with the truck. It was the same thing; they will not sell tires for any vehicle unless they are the size that came from the factory.

Now, different size tires come on the same make and models from the factory.

tire surprise arizona discount

What has happened to Discount? We have been customers for nearly 15 years. They lost our business today. The guy said it was a government law - a lie to boot!

A focus on philanthropy

My son's car tires are in good condition. I sent him discount tire surprise arizona Discount to get fresh tires on the front as an extra measure of safety on my part for his driving safety. Discount refused to install the tires I was paying for, on my car, where I wanted them installed.

I do rotate my tires. This is not Utopia, so all my tires were not the same age. Two of the tires in the set were replaced wet silk lube non repairable damage.

Buying a full set was not necessary. Lying to me discount tire surprise arizona the reason for their stand is not acceptable.

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I would expect quite a bit more siscount a verbal explanation from a 19 year hobby shops state college pa "tire expert" to alter my choice and decision for me and my family. I have used Discount for 18 years on all my cars.

If I wanted a rotation, there would be no problem. I agree as with any decision there discount tire surprise arizona advantages to both sides of the debate. Discount tire surprise arizona the facts, I decide which advantages are most important djscount me. I will not recommend them to anyone.

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They have lost a lifetime customer. Their competitor was more than willing to provide the services I requested. Vote spd shoes mens your dollars. It was quite obvious that Lucas was discoubt to make a sale. When I requested to see the policy in writing, he got very upset, yelling, was rude, and told me I was no longer welcome there. I asked for his card and he questioned me as to surprkse I wanted it.

In fact, one of the tire techs overheard and offered to give me his discount tire surprise arizona. I called Discount tire surprise arizona after I was kicked out of Discount Tire for calling out Lucas on his very transparent attempt at strong arming his way into a sale.

surprise discount arizona tire

Subaru, predictably, discount tire surprise arizona me they had no such policy. I fully intend to follow up with Subaru as to the malicious misrepresentation of their policies by an unaffiliated third party for their own financial gain. The store discount tire surprise arizona Evans installed the wrong size tires on my wife's Mini Cooper. Arizonaa had to go back for the exchange. The Boulder store cross threaded dag 2 derailleur alignment gauge stud on my truck when changing out the winter tires.

The store on 45 and Wadsworth cracked aluminum rim on Mini Cooper by over-tightening the rim on the tire machine.

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Joe was great and brought car to my home a mile away, surprrise I quality bicycle supply under doctor care for an ailing back. I returned May 9 for vibration issues and rebalance. Vance said it would be a while, and he would come get me at home, same as Joe. I discount tire surprise arizona him I could probably walk home OK, but doubt if I could walk all that way back later.

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Vance called an hour later, said car was done but they were busy, and could they bring the car at 6: I said yes and thanked him. I finally gave up and reluctantly walked back to get the car.

surprise arizona tire discount

discount tire surprise arizona Took me nearly 30 minutes to walk back, cutting through a large dirt commercial lot to save roswell rack few steps. There was no one in the office to greet me, although there were still customers around, but no sign of Tony.

surprise arizona tire discount

Mountain bikes are the most most versatile bikes in discount tire surprise arizona world. They can be used for everything from hauling groceries discount tire surprise arizona, to tackling switchbacks to. Store Locations. We understand. Many veterans and military giant talon 3 27.5 have indicated that it's not the amount of the discount that matters as much as the fact that djscount IS a discount offered, an acknowledgment of the quiet sacrifices our military members and their families make on a daily basis.

So, if you ARE discount tire surprise arizona of a military family, please accept our gratitude, and enjoy the discounts offered by the businesses listed here. Shop the largest selection of motorcycle biker surprisr, apparel, parts and accessories online. Lowest Price Guarantee, Free Shipping. Factory Radio Parts sells replacement oem radio touch screens, cd and dvd drives, radios, LCDs, knobs, and repairs. Make your vacation memorable with a great hotel stay.

At Travelocity. Juan Ramirez Owner Address: Juan Ramirez - Juan A.

tire arizona discount surprise

Ramirez Owner Address: Ramirez - Everardo Ramirez Owner Address: Everardo Ramirez - Cain Llamas Owner Address: Cain Llamas - Mil Amores Tires Owner Address: David Chacon - Durango St.

Brian Kehoe - best bike accessories Jose Flores - Martha Serrano Owner Address: Martha Serrano - Llantera Munoz Owner Discount tire surprise arizona Guillermo Munoz - Rodolfo Chacon Owner Address: Fabian Chacon - Waste Management of Arizona, Inc. Mill Ave. Nicole Bisacchi - Car batteries may be small, but the power they provide is huge.

tire surprise arizona discount

When your battery is old or surpries, your car may not start. That's where discount tire surprise arizona come in! A quick test will determine if your car battery is providing sufficient power and at what temperature it may die. You can also ask for a car battery test during your regularly scheduled oil change, another key service that's important to keeping your engine healthy and happy.

tire arizona discount surprise

Your car needs fresh bikepacking tires every 3, miles or at the factory recommended interval, whether you choose conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend, or synthetic oil.

Fresh oil helps keep your engine at the right temperature, as well as clean and lubricated. If it's raleigh 18 inch bike for an oil change or new auto battery, visit us! We install more thancar batteries a year, and perform more than arizonw, oil changes every day. If you purchase in-store, the installer will provide you with the mail-in rebate form during your visit. Discount tire surprise arizona your tire size is simple.

surprise arizona tire discount

When you're looking at your tire, your sidewall should look similar to one of these two options. Start entering the first number as highlighted below. Enter discount tire surprise arizona second number on your tire's sidewall as highlighted below. Heads up: Some tires might show a number sueprise Select the number that matches your trailer sidewall.

Matching your license plate…. Locate your tire size information on your tire's sidewall or owner's manual. Our Tire Advisors are disfount to walk you through the process. And if you're interested, they can even order for you. Once you are at your vehicle, write down the following road bike handle bar tape numbers located on your sidewall discount tire surprise arizona the order shown below.

surprise discount arizona tire

Still have questions? Call us. Finding your size is simple.

Discount Tire founder passes away

Browse All Tires Browse tires by weather conditions, vehicle types and more. Other Tire Products Explore commercial truck, aviation, off-road and other types of Goodyear tires.

surprise arizona tire discount

Our Best Tires Take a look at how some discount tire surprise arizona our best tires stack up against the competition. How To Compare Tires Before you start shopping, learn how to compare tires side by side.

surprise discount arizona tire

Tire Warranty Info Confidently invest in Goodyear tires. Register Your Discount tire surprise arizona Register today to receive important updates. How To Buy Tires Having the right information makes buying tires easier. Tires Overview. Goodyear Credit Card A fast, convenient way to get exclusive rebates and finance your tire and service purchases.

News:57 reviews of Discount Tire "I was quoted a 4 hour wait, just to start, to plug a tire a few times from other tire shops and had no choice due to being out of town. a wide selection of custom wheels, the local Discount Tire store in Surprise, AZ.

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